UK MARS – Crew 134

UK Mars Analog Astronauts Expedition


Crew 134

Marscrew134 team

Crew Commander: Ashley Dale PhD                                                                       Crew Medical Officer / Executive Officer: Susan Ip Jewell MD               Crew Astrobiologist/Greenhab Officer: Michaela Musilova PhD         Crew Scientist: SueAnn Wu PhD                                                                               Crew Engineer / Robotics: Ewan Reed PhD                                                         Crew Scientist: Viba Stravasta PhD                                                                       Crew Journalist /Filmaker: Kai Staats                                                                      Crew  Humanoid Robot “NAO” (Aldebaran)

While living and working at the Mars Society Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), MarsCrew134 engaged in a Question & Answer session with three schools and a space club. Students sent their questions which were then answered during a video recorded session with the entire Crew. This particular Q&A with the Open University is the most comprehensive and complete, and is made public.

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