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MWOB conducted tele-education  and Q&A sessions via social media, twitter feeds,  with the students at the Challenger Learning Center Ontario Science Center, Canada

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During their analog simulation, the members of MWOB Crew 145 conducted several synchronous telecommunication Q&A education sessions with students from the Challenger Learning Center based at the Ontario Science Musuem in Canada. The sessions were delivered live  via social media platform using twitter feeds.


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Crew 145 conducting Q&A sessions via our MWOB twitter page with students at Challenger Center.

**************************************************************************International Space University, ISU, conducted outreach education with the Space Studies Program SSP14 alumni on-board the Mars Without Borders Crew 145

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Mars Without Borders (MWOB) team has this time round three SSP14 alumni on-board out of five members:

• Dr. Susan Ip Jewell, SSP14, Commander / Space Medicine
• S. Ali Nasseri, SSP14, Executive Officer
• Michal Czapski, SSP14, Crew Engineer/Scientist

dr jewell pic edit  mars3  Ali Nasseri pic edit

Remote scientists include MSS05, Dr. Anis Karim, a space medical professional, Dr Michael Gallagher SSP14, a family doctor and a flight surgeon coordinator for The Mars Society and Teressa Black SSP14, the lead flight director of The Challanger Center of Ontario Science Center. The crew is getting ready for its first expedition at the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS), located on the San Rafael Swell of southern Utah. It is operated by The Mars Society.  The crew will also conduct tele-education exercises ( via social media twitter feed) with the   Ontario Science Center Challenger Learning Center, Austrian Space Forum ( OWEF) , the Polish media network,   as well as promoting space exploration through many outreach activities.



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