Space Telesurgery-Teleanesthesia

Project Lead:  Dr. Susan Ip Jewell  & Dr. Matthieu Komorowski


During interplanetary space missions, the risk of medical conditions requiring surgical management is significant. On Earth, medical care is generally performed by well accustomed and experienced personnel. During exploration missions, on-board medical expertise might be lacking, or the crew medical doctor himself could become the injured patient. Real-time telemedical assistance is not an option and the crew might have to rely mostly on itself. In these conditions and as a last resort, previously poorly trained personnel may have to perform critical and potentially lifesaving procedures, which could include surgery and anaesthesia.


matthieu-mock-mars-medical-procedure (1)      Credit: M.Koromowski MD, Telesanesthesia Sim at MDRS

telesurgery- mathieu 1                              Telesurgery Simulation at MDRS

For our first research project, the crew will have to deal with a very critical situation, a life-threatening accident occurring during an EVA. After falling from a cliff, a crewmember breaks his leg, punctures his space suit and loses contact with the rest of the crew. The exercise will simulate search and rescue operations (using an UAV and a rover) and the critical medical management on the field and back inside the Mars habitat.

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During the MEVA (Medical EVA) the Crew will try to incorporate some aspects of the integrated network developed during the Space Studies Program 2014 of International Space University :

which we modified for the needs of the Martian environment:


The second research project will assess the use of an emergency training procedure to assist non-medical personnel perform anaesthesia and surgery on a simulated astronaut in six different scenarios representing likely medical conditions that could occur during an space exploration mission.

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