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In a mission to Mars, it is essential to characterize rocks as they can help guide researchers to the origins of the rocks and their movement patterns, possible forms of life and possible sources of water.

A combination of microscopes and cameras can be used to meet this objective. To characterize the environment in more detail, it is highly advised to have digital recordings of the minerals and their location around the habitat, and also to take samples.

In this project, the team will perform Extra Vehicular activities (EVAs) to find interesting sites for sampling rock formations. The samples will be analyzed at the MDRS habitat to:

  • Characterize the rock samples (size, color, texture, grains)
  • Identify any existing organisms
  • Assess water content and density

This will help researchers identify correlations between rock characteristics and existence of a cryptobiotic crust. In this end, this study will compare results with previous studies focusing on similar formations in the area.

figaCrust in sandy soils. The visible fibers are Microcoleus vaginatus.      Source: US Geological Survey


Terrain Scouting Extra Vehicular Activity, EVA,with UAV

(video in Polish)

*************************************************************************This study will be a part of a scouting EVA in which the crew will use ATVs,  GPS devices, laptops, rovers and UAVs to gather images and coordinates of the terrain of interest. This activity will help to test an integrated solution in which all devices are interconnected through nano satellites and work together in a holistic way.

Integrated solution scouting EVAIntegrated Solution for Scouting EVA

Finding new  novel ways to produce water and methane gas from the land using in-situ resource utilisations, IRSU,  methodologies is important for future astronauts and early pioneering human settlers to colonize the planet

How to make water using hydrogen and oxygen


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