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m82-mdrs-20140202Credit: Staats/UKMarsCrew134. Asteroid m82 taken at MDRS MUSK Observatory (Feb 2014)

The cosmos have always amazed humankind. They have make us think and imagine what is out there. This has inspired us to develop technologies to get there and concepts of what we could do in space.

Musk Observatory 
8313786276_f651cd6175_n       Credit: MDRS. Musk Observatory at MDRS. 

Bode's Galaxy M81 Musk1cCredit Images: MDRS website .

We wish to continue this cycle of inspiration. Mars Without Borders crew memebrs from Expedition One and from previous and upcoming MDRS Crews. eg, Crew 151 Emerging Leaders.  Previous crews, including UKMarsCrew134, MA365 Crew144, used the MDRS Musk Observatory to obtain images of celestial objects in the night sky.These are illustrated and  added to the projects.

The main aim of the astro-photography projects are to inspire the next generation of space explorers, astronomers and STEAM education. We will be continuing posting of photos and images taken at the MDRS observatory and also videos of the observatory facilities and how we operate it on our website and social media platforms.

We will hold webcasts and Google hangouts with students, schools artists and space related organizations to share our work and open to expanding our collaboration and partnerships with government, academic and  commercial entities.

**************************************************************************Top five Astrobiology HOTSPOTS to search for Life in the Universe

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Space Art is an important component for maintaining health and wellness of astronauts living in isolation and confinement, during long-duration space expeditions including future human settlements of Mars and other off-world planets.

During analog astronaut training in full immersion simulations, projects that involve creative thinking along with social and cultural projects are encouraged for reducing stress and anxiety, increase crew bonding and cohesion  and improve quality of life for crew teams during the missions.

Here are some current art and design projects conducted during the missions.

Angels and Astronauts

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