NEAMAE Project


The NEAMAE Project is focused on impacting and positively affecting the lives of millions of people living in remote, isolated, harsh and extreme environments found on Earth including astronauts living and working in Space using innovative technologies and new, novel concepts and ideas that are developed and tested in the laboratory setting and are now ready for field testing in full immersive Mars simulations with crews teams composed of highly qualified space physicians, scientists, aerospace engineers and researchers The multi-disciplinary teams that are selected for each mission have amassed many years of experienced working in extreme environments and are highly skilled, trained analog astronauts and extreme explorers.

The NEAMAE project includes integration and testing of new medical devices, products and develop state-of-the-art methodologies and protocols for training astronaut crews to optimize and increase survival skills whilst living and working in various extreme environments that are considered to be analogs of Mars on Earth, such as, Nepal-Everest, Arctic, Antarctica. The near term goal is to continue testing with astronauts living in the microgravity on the International Space Station, ISS, and mid-term objective to train and prepared crews for deep space human explorations and long-term goal to enable and to support future human settlements on Moon and Mars.

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