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MarsWithoutBorders (MWOB) is an entity formed to select and create scientific expedition teams for isolated analog environments from an international, interdisciplinary and intercultural group of highly qualified pool of scientists, researchers, space artisans and analog astronauts with backgrounds in the physical and life sciences, engineering, medicine,  humanities and creative arts.

MWOB is committed to increase S.T.E.A.M education,  public awareness and engagement for space exploration including education of students and children to be inspired and interested in Next Gen Space Exploration and future settlement of Mars, Moon and other off-world planets. We have collaborated with government, academies and schools from various countries and worked with non-profit and private organizations,  Ontario Challenger Center, Exosphere Academy, Mars Society,  International Space University, ISU, Open University, Hereford Schools and various institutes to expand human space exploration.



Mars Without Borders (MWOB) is an organization focused on training and creating the Next Gen Analog Astronauts and Commercial Astronauts including developing capabilities for enabling future Humans-to-Mars and long-duration space missions.


Credit: M. Czapski.  MWOB Expedition One at MDRS (Dec 2014)

MWOB has a mission to develop and train  mission crew teams for extreme environments in Space and on Earth, such as, Antarctic,  Artic, underwater ocean habitats, suborbital and Low Earth Orbit, (LEO), Moon, Mars and beyond.


MWOB consists of a group of scientists, engineers, space medicine physicians, researchers, health care professionals and space artists from the USA, UK, Europe, Canada, China, Russia and Asia. working together to develop capabilities and technologies to enable the future of human space explorations and,in turn, develop “spin off” benefits for millions of humans on terrestrial Earth.

MDRS_snowy  MDRS creworangesuits

Coming from different parts of the globe, various teams will be planning to conduct research and field-test of software and hardware in full immersive analog simulation expeditions at various terrestrial analog stations, such as, the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) or the Flashline Artic Research Station (FMARS) with the mid-term mission aims to test proof-of-concepts in parabolic flights opportunities, suborbital flight testing, microgravity environments in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) on the International Space Station (ISS). The long-term mission and vision of MWOB is for successful implementation of technologies and capabilities for Humans-to-Mars settlement to enable the development of human colonies on the Martian surface.

RoverSite Credit: K Staats.   Image of  terrestrial Analog Mars at MDRS

The current objective of MWOB is to develop and test capabilities and technologies relating to future human missions to Mars. including  countermeasure strategies to maintain health and safety of humans living in space

astronauts-asteroid-nasa-art Credit: NASA Art

   MARS pic1  CREDIT: NASA – Curiosity on Mars

Research projects and studies will involve a broad mix of disciplines ranging from basic, physical and life sciences to bio-medical and aerospace engineering, robotics, space art and humanities, and space medicine. We envision our efforts to support in the preparation for the next steps in human space exploration and settlement of Mars and beyond.

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