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October 15th 2015


MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, is proud to announced Malaysian physician, Dr. Dhezi Raja, MD MPH, who is selected to participate with MarsWithoutBorders (MWOB) Expedition III, the MWOB Martian Mission Crew 158 Analog Astronaut mission as member of the Medical Support Remote Team at the Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS.


MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, analog astronaut mission is organized by the Founder / President and Crew Commander of MWOB / SSI, and NEAMAE Project (Nepal-Everest, Artic, Antarctic Mars Analog Expeditions), Dr. Susan Ip Jewell MD, and sponsored by Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS, The Mars Society and ManasiX, Inc.

Dr. dhesi Raja is Founder / President, of Malaysian Integrated Medical Professionals Association and Malaysian Medical Gazette and a physician for  Malaysian Ministry of Health. He is co-Founder, of Artificial Intelligence in Medical Epidemiology, AIME. Dr Raja will be participating as a member of the remote medical team under the mentorship and Principal Investigator Dr Jewell Ip MD in space medicine projects together with a stellar space medicine team consisting of co-investigator Dr. Matthieu Komorowski MD MSc (Imperial College London), and Crew 158 Crew Medical Officer Dr. Philippe Souvestre MD PhD (CEO, Neurokinetics Inc, and a peer reviewed aerospace physician-scientist, Flight Surgeon of French Air force and ESA astronaut candidate). Additional remote medical team include Dr. Dwight Holland MD PhD (President, Aerospace Human Factors Association and Space Medicine Association and Fellow, Aerospace Medical Association), Dr Mcheal Gallagher MD (Flight Surgeon for MDRS Crews 134, 145, 151)  and Stefan McAllister MSc.

MWOB Martian Crew 158 expedition is scheduled for two weeks commencing on 28th November – 13th December 2015 at MDRS in the remote, isolated desert regions located in Utah, USA. The remote medical team will be working via remote telecommunication platforms and will telecommunicate and connect with the remote teams and on-site Martian analog astronaut Crew 158 during the two weeks period.

MWOB and SSI are currently participating with the pioneering yearlong analog astronaut mission in Hawaii, the NASA HISEAS Mission IV (Hawaii Space Exploration Analog Simulation with Dr. Sheyna Gifford MD, the Crew Medical and Safety Officer. We will be collaborating on new medical device research and development that will be tested onsite and in the field by both analog astronaut crew teams, such as, a portable solar power 3D printer 3D printing surgical tools, remote tele-mentoring in basic medical procedures, search and rescue techniques and protocols.

Space Surgery Institute LLC

Dr Susan Ip Jewell MD

Dr Dhesi Raja MD MPH

Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS


October 4th 2015

Announcement of Mars Without Borders Expedition 3

Martian Mission Crew 158 

Mission Date: 28th November -13th December 2015

Mars Without Borders (MWOB) will hold its third Mars  analog astronaut simulation expedition at the Mars Desert Research Center (MDRS)

MWOB Crew158.crew.revised

Crew Commander: Dr Susan Jewell MD
Crew Medical Officer: Dr Philippe Souvestre MD PhD,Flt Surgeon
Crew AstroGeobiologist/Journalist: Dr Rosalba Bonacorsi PhD
Crew Scientist /Bioengineer: Ilaria Cinelli, MSc,MD,PhD (c)
Crew Scientist Officer/Executive Officer: Nicholas Jewell BS(c)  Crew Artist-in-Residence / GreenHab Officer: Emmy Jewell BSc (c)
Crew Engineer/Robotics/Astronomer: Dr David Willson PhD
Falguni Sunther BSc Physics/Astronomy
Dr. Matthieu Komorowski MD
Dr Dwight Holland MD PhD
Dr Sheyna Gifford MD
Dr Marc Jurblum MD
Dr Dhezi Raja MD
Matteo Borri
Stefan McAllister MSc
Anand Biradar MSc
Dt Sheryl Bishop PhD Director Science Committee MDRS
Shannon Rupert PhD(c) Director, MDRS

During this expedition, Mars Without Borders scientists and engineers will perform several studies on the following topics:

  • 3D printing of medical supplies on Mars
  • Simulation of medical emergencies MEVA, triage, search and rescue), tele-anesthesia and tele-surgery
  • Robotics and Rovers
  • Yoga and meditation for human space exploration
  • Terrain scouting and mapping using UAVs
  • Tele-education and outreach

June 13th 2015

 MADEINSPACE, INC & ROBOTS_EVERWHERE LLC works with MarsWithoutBorders – advancing 3D printing technology for surgical tools and astronaut training

first-in-space    robots-everywhereLLC

MarswithoutBorders, MWOB,  has the pleasure to announced the recent signing of a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU,  with MadeInSpace, Inc and Robots-Everywhere, LLC. This collaborative will be working together to further the use of 3D printing technology in sapce for medical tools and its use for training astronauts and crews living and working in microgravity and future deep space missions and planetary surface operations.






 June 9th 2015

ASMA logo2

MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, Founder / President,  Commander Dr Susan Jewell MD, was recently honored at the Aerospace 86th Annual Conference in Orlando, Florida. She  was selected as this year’s winner and awarded the prestigious  2015 MARIE MARVINGT AWARD for Excellence and Innovation from the French Aerospace Association and international Aerospace Medical Association, AsMA.

Jewell.Award.AsMA President.    Jewell.Holland.Award   Jewell.Melchor.Award

Pictures from Left to Right: Dr Susan Jewell with Presidents, French, Aerospace Association,  2015 Aerospace Medical Association (AsMA), Dr Dwight Holland, Presdient 2015 Aerospace Human Factors Association (ASFA), and Dr Melchor Antunano,  Director, FAA, Civil Aerospace Medical Institute, CAMI


May 25th 2015


MWOB is proud to announce the upcoming presentation of  MWOB collaborator, CARRIE MAE ROSE ,on the “Angels and Astronaut” Project at the California College of Art in San Francisco on Friday

Angels and Astronauts


April 24th 2015

Solar Powered 3D Printers on Mars? Researchers Successfully Test Feasibility of Printing Surgical Tools on Red Planet

3d printed surgica toolsRead the article published on about the use of 3D printing technology on analog “Mars” and the research in telesurgery training of non-medically trained analog astronauts using 3D printed surgical tools.

The work was conducted under MarsWithoutBorders, MWOB, organization by Founder /Commander Expedition 1, Crew145, and Principal Investigator, Dr Susan Jewell, and Crew Engineer, Matteo Borri (CEO of Robots-Everywhere,LLC)




11 January 2015

Do you want to have an Analog Astronaut Experience? Join us as a crew member for the next Marswithoutborders, MWOB, EXPEDITION 2 Analog Astronaut Mission. We are giving you the opportunity to join the crew team at the next Mars Desert Research Station, MDRS, 2016 field season in the remote desert of Utah, USA. Requirements: Possess a Graduate degree, ie, MD, MSc, PhD in field of Medicine / Neuropsychology / Life Sciences / Robotics / Artificial Intelligence & IT. Also Creative Artists, Documentary & Filmmakers.

Interested parties, please send your CV / bio to: [email protected]
More information visit:


MWOB represented at the Meet The Space Conference in Krakow, Poland

3 November 2014

Michal Czapski, crew engineer for Mars Without Borders Expedition 1, will give a talk about Mars Without Borders (MWOB) and its first Expedition to the Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS) at Meet the Space conference between  27-28 November 2014 in Krakow,  Poland. 

Announcement: Mars Without Borders Announces its first expedition

1 October 2014

Mars Without Borders (MWOB) will hold its first Mars simulation expedition at the Mars Desert Research Center (MDRS) as MDRS crew 145 from 13 to 28 December 2014.

During this expedition, Mars Without Borders scientists and engineers will perform several studies on the following topics:

  • 3D printing of medical supplies on Mars
  • Simulation of medical emergencies (EVA, triage, search and rescue), anesthesia and surgery
  • Yoga and meditation for human space exploration
  • Terrain scouting and mapping
  • Tele-education and outreach

For more information on these projects, please visit the Mars Without Borders website at

SCIENCE CHANNEL  New 3 Part Series

1 October 2014

Dr Susan Jewell, Commander of MWOB was featured in this 3-part series as a crew member of MarCrew134 Analog Astronaut Expedition at MDRS in January 2014. She was the Crew Executive Officer, XO, and  Health & Safety Officer, HSO

27 August 2014
Man vs the Universe
“Mars Is Ours” (part 3) features MarsCrew134 at the Mars Desert Research Station
“…For decades humans have dreamed of going to Mars, and now we’re finally on the brink of blasting off for the red planet. SpaceX founder Elon Musk believes Mars is our insurance policy in case Earth becomes uninhabitable. With unprecedented access into SpaceX, viewers will see the engineers making our mission to occupy Mars a reality. Future “Marsonauts” are already learning how to survive on a frozen desert by practicing in the wilds of Utah. An aerospace engineer is designing the spacesuit that will shield us from the harsh Martian environment and give us superhuman strength. SpaceX hopes to get to Mars in about two decades….” excerpt from MarsCrew134

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