Integrated Energy BodySuit for Wellness

Novel Integrated   Bodysuit Prototype 1.0 : A pre-pilot feasibility beta-testing  developmental phase*  

Investigators: Susan Jewell MD  & CarrieMae Rose MFA

Collaborators: HANOUX, OpenBCI, Mars Desert Research Station

BodysuitCredit Image: HANOUX

Abstract: We designed and used crystalline solids integrated & placed in strategic areas to develop an early stage prototyping/design of a novel “Energy Bodysuit ” idea which was used in a pre-pilot feasibility beta-testing at Mars Desert Research Station (MDRS)with MarsWithoutBorders (MWOB) Expedition One, Crew 145 Analog Astronaut.

bodysuit.3DVR. warrirrpose,VRglass.bodtsuitbodysuit.muse  Credit: Susan Jewell /MWOB. Bodysuit  testing during yoga and mindfulness meditation sessions with 3D virtual reality googles with MarsWithoutBorders , MWOB Crew 145

“…novel experiment in the integration of wearable technology, integrative and complementary medicine fields, and scientific research for maintaining health and wellness in astronauts with potentiail terrestrial ” spin-off” health benefits..” Susan Jewell MD

“ “COMPUTATIONAL COUTURE FOR SPACE” direction ~ exploring meditation, materials, sensors for new bodysuits and bodycrowns.. one small step for us! …many more continued explorations in the future!…” CarrieMae Rose MFA

“… An experiment in circuitry and “acupuncture points’ in the body. As humans how will we expand our reach and integrate our bodies into outer space? Maybe through the use of electric current and natural materials…” HANOUX

Background: This project is a bridge between hard science, innovative and “wearable” technology, computational fashion concepts and ancient esoteric knowledge.   Rudolf Steiner, an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, and esotericist, proposed the existence of an objective, intellectually comprehensible spiritual world accessible for direct experience through inner development.  Our intent and creative vision is to build a comprehensive set of techniques, garments and artifacts that help strengthen the neurological system and the physiological capability of the heart and mind to respond and replenish itself in extreme environments, especially enhancing the quality of life of future astronauts or teams working in extreme, remote environments on Earth.


Bodysuit.inages.collage  Credit: CarrieMae Rose

Hypothesis: That placing different materials and crystalline solids in select locations and meridians around the body will subtly affect different changes in our data of Electroencephalography (EEG), thermal imaging and Heart Rate Variability (HRV) during  meditation and yoga training practices.

Aim 1: To test and see which materials and locations of crystalline solids effect and change different states of brain waves, HRV and states of consciousness during meditation and yoga sessions.

Aim 2: To test the feasibility and the differences, if any, in the integration of cutting-edge technologies, such as, 3D Virtual Reality and holography, in the delivery of the meditation and yoga sessions whilst wearing the bodysuit.


1. MATERIALS: Crystalline solids are placed in a natural 100% cotton fiber bodysuit. The crystalline solids will capture, reflect and refract natural and artificial light into the etheric field around the body and into the fabric along the body’s chakras and meridians lines.


bodysuit.designbodysuit construction5  bodysuit construction3

 bodyduit construction1  bodysuit construction2 1973910_10153bodyduit construction4

Methodology: The participants underwent  daily mindfulness meditation and yoga programs using the UCLA /MARC MP3 mindful meditation and Yoga Docs yoga exercises via pre-recorded instructional audio/videos.  The instructions where tested and delivered via the 3D virtual reality googles ( ie, using the Google I am Cardboard) Each participant was given a ”familiarization” session prior to start of the study and how to “don” or wear the bodysuit.

Proposed two testing arms:

  1. Participants selected to wear the bodysuit
  2. Data collected using the EEG headsets, completing questionnaires and undergo exit video interviews.


a) Collect qualitative, subjective data using Questionnaire (Likert Scale) and Evaluation  and feedback with video exit interviews.

b)  Collect  quantitative data, using disruptive technologies, EEG devices and 3D virtual reality (VR) and other technologies.

* current ongoing project

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